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“Mayes is the Devil you don’t yet know
but really should!”

Embrace Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

Many clients come to Mayes QC after other Silks have pronounced their case 'Hopeless'.

He then helps them win - or, at least, find their way through to a satisfactory result.

Mayes QC's approach is not to tell clients that they cannot do what they want to do.
He prefers to try and work out how their objectives can be met.

Mayes QC has acted as adviser, and confidant in their darkest hour, to some of the richest and most powerful people on the planet.

“The difference with Ian Mayes was that, instead of pontificating and being judgmental, he sat down with us and listened. And, above all, he was on our side.”

Appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1993, he has been elected Middle Temple Autumn Reader for 2021.

He sat as a Recorder (part time Judge) and chaired the Disciplinary Tribunal of Lloyd’s of London