‘A lawyer, who is only a lawyer, is not much of a lawyer’.

If clients are willing to explain the wider business issues they face, they will find that Mayes QC is not just an arch case strategist but a supple wrangler of business and personal realpolitik.

Instructed, for instance, by a multi-national pharmaceutical group, to advise on tax issues in the UK and Europe, Mayes QC went on to recommend the relocation of their warehousing facilities around the world and the reordering of their companies, research and development programme and product profile.

Unless unquestionably in their interests, Mayes QC's clients may never get to hear one of their Silk's silver-tongued performances.

He will do all in his power to ensure their case never gets that far if all it needed is a decent private burial.

An opener of closed doors and doer of deals (with an abiding sense of the unfairness of the world) Mayes QC is at his best when working behind the scenes.

To the relief of clients, many of his greatest successes have never seen the light of day.

“He does not give up, he does not give in. He gives his all.”

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