Nothing is certain except death and taxes

- and fiscal issues are often front and
centre stage in legal disputes

When the late Octav Botnar and Nissan UK were under attack from Nissan Japan (which was promising to build a plant in Sunderland if the Revenue would just prosecute their UK distributor), Mayes QC's cross-disciplinary skills came to the fore.

He covered the full spectrum of specialisations (tax, crime, company, commercial, arbitration, extradition, judicial review) and helped Mr Botnar direct a defensive wall of fire against the government agencies and political vested interests ranged against him.
And then, he did the tax settlement.

Mayes QC also advised Botnar about his donations to Great Ormond Street Hospital, resulting in the Octav Botnar Wing and the Camelia Botnar Laboratories.

Michael Hunt, Nissan UK's Managing Director, was convicted of tax fraud and sentenced to eight years imprisonment - the harshest penalty ever meted out to a UK tax offender.

By reason of that conviction, Mr Hunt was refused the consent of the Gambling Commission to have any interest in the Health Lottery, a venture in which he had invested some £17 million.

HMRC denied relief to Mr Hunt for those losses against Capital Gains. Two other specialist tax Silks pronounced any Appeal ‘Hopeless’.

Mayes QC successfully appealed HMRC's decision - a win that Taxation Magazine considered ‘Surprising’.

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